SEND support

This page has been set up primarily to support parents of children who may need additional support in school. 

Below is a list of information websites, tips and resources to help you support your children with their additional needs, learning and self-esteem. Children have varying needs and there is no one size approach fits all. It is quite common for children to have additional needs that span all these areas, so select the resources that meet the needs of your child, without worrying too much about the label or category they fall under. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and these SEND strategies will be beneficial to many children, whether or not they have a diagnosis.

The link below will open on your device as a word document. I will continue to update it regularly, so please let me know if there is something you feel that I have missed.

SEND Support

Support Resources for Home Learning

The EEF have some helpful resources to support parents at this website:




These resources outline straightforward ways in which you can identify learning opportunities in everyday routines and build them into your home life. There is also guidance for supporting your child’s behavioural, emotional and social needs at this time.


This is a free app which addresses chidren’s wellbeing. ThinkNinja’s aims are empowering children and young people to build resilience, manage their emotional health and to fulfil their potential. To download, go to GooglePlay or the App Store. For more information then go to:



Have a nice holiday break!


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will have seen from my last message, we have a number of optional educational activities for your children to do. For your information, over the Easter break, teachers will be spending their time with their families and will respond to the blog posts when they can. My Maths will not be checked over the break. After Easter, the blogs and MyMaths will be checked by your child’s class teacher on a daily basis.

Happy Easter to you all

Mr Fairclough

Kindness Calendar

Hello everyone!

Just a little project that you may like to do. In our work office, you may have seen a ‘Kindness Calendar’ on the wall. Mrs Lumby always reads whatever the activity is every morning and Mrs Stephens and I make sure that it is our focus for the day.

This is the calendar we have…

This got us all thinking! The Red Cross have made a blank kindness calendar.


What ideas do you have so we could fill it up?

Can you link them with our character traits of perseverance/resilience, teamwork, kindness, respect, love of learning and gratitude?

Post your ideas here and we can make one together!

Click on ‘leave a comment’ at the bottom of this post to let us know.  Remember to use your initials only.

Looking forward to hearing from you.