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Happy New Year everyone!

This isn’t the start of term that we had hoped for, and once again we find ourselves coping with another lockdown. On this page, I will be uploading ideas to support children and their families. 


The attached powerpoint gives advice about changing the background colour of devices to make them dyslexia-friendly.

Executive Functioning

This is the set of mental skills which include working memory, flexible thinking and self control, which many children find difficult to engage. There are lots of activities and ideas on the Pathway to Success website.



SEND support

This page has been set up primarily to support parents of children who may need additional support in school. 

Below is a list of information websites, tips and resources to help you support your children with their additional needs, learning and self-esteem. Children have varying needs and there is no one size approach fits all. It is quite common for children to have additional needs that span all these areas, so select the resources that meet the needs of your child, without worrying too much about the label or category they fall under. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and these SEND strategies will be beneficial to many children, whether or not they have a diagnosis.

The link below will open on your device as a word document. I will continue to update it regularly, so please let me know if there is something you feel that I have missed.

SEND Support


If you are struggling with your child’s behaviour, there is some advice available here:


and some video support here:


We know that the lockdown is proving to be a difficult time and we want you to know that we are always here for a chat and a virtual cup of tea, should you need us. Please let us know if you are struggling.

Here are some additional resources:

Tools for managing emotions

Rebuild and Recover

Support Resources for Home Learning

The EEF have some helpful resources to support parents at this website:




These resources outline straightforward ways in which you can identify learning opportunities in everyday routines and build them into your home life. There is also guidance for supporting your child’s behavioural, emotional and social needs at this time.